For most people in 2020, finding true love is a dream (more like a nightmare): constantly swiping on dating apps only to never get a match, or just end up dating dud after dud.  Dealing with narcissists, players, and disengaged people. Or, settling with someone just to avoid being alone.

We understand, and believe you deserve love. We want to help you navigate the minefield of dating, through coaching, courses, and support rooted in the proven science of attraction and connection.

Coaching and Support

We offer effective coaching and support to help you succeed and stay motivated in all aspects of dating and relationships, to find the right person, create deeper connections, and bring back the spark.

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Events and Outings

We offer enjoyable events that connect you with other quality singles in environments designed for finding love. You’ll have fun and meet great people.

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We offer fun, informative online courses and in-person classes that give you practical tools to attract your perfect partner, strengthen current relationships, and survive the struggles of modern dating.

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Meet the Bennett Brothers

David and Jonathan Bennett are dating and relationship experts with over 15 years of combined experience helping men and women find love. They have backgrounds in education and counseling, and are authors of 8 books. They have been used as trusted sources in over 1000 media appearances including the Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, Redbook, Brides, and Men’s Health.

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