Everywhere we go, we meet women and men who are frustrated with dating and relationships.  Many are lonely, perpetually single, frustrated with online dating, meeting dud after dud, or in unhappy and/or unhealthy relationships.

There is a dating and relationship crisis. The problem is that there are very few real and truthful resources to turn things around. The standard advice from dating and relationship “experts” is usually just typical advice your mom would give that is either misleading (“be yourself”), pretty obvious (“show up to the date on time”) or good, but not likely to help a lot (“go to counseling”).

We offer a different solution: a practical, science-based approach that gets to the heart of human attraction and connection .

We would love to speak to your organization, group, conference, or place of worship (church, retreat, etc)! We often speak to groups of women or men, but also to mixed groups.

We are fun, dynamic, and insightful speakers. Our goal is to make sure everyone is engaged and enjoying themselves, because that’s how people learn – and make positive changes. We’re happy to do keynote and seminar talks.

Please contact us and reach out with all inquiries. We are in the central Ohio (Columbus) area, but will travel.