Want to Find True Love? Have Fewer Standards!

I enjoy telling the story of a woman who gave her list of requirements to local matchmakers who are my friends. He had to own a new car (last two years only), couldn’t be under six feet tall, and had to make at least six figures. Most ridiculously of all, he must never have urinated

How To Put The Fun Back In Dating

When I was a teacher, a lot of my colleagues took the view that if the students were having fun, they couldn’t be learning! I sometimes kept my view of such asininity (yes, that’s a word) to myself, because I honestly can’t think of a dumber view of learning! The reality is that research shows

Ways To Get Over Your Ex And Move On To Find Love

A good friend of mine recently broke up with his girlfriend, for very good reasons. He set certain appropriate boundaries related to how he deserved to be treated, and she frequently violated those boundaries. However, after he ended it, he was a mess. He developed a strong desire, almost manic, to social media stalk her,

Do Some Dating App Companies Even Want You To Get A Date??

As part of my business, I keep up on dating apps and what they are up to, simply because so many people use them (or feel they have no choice). And, I have wondered if dating app companies even care if anybody gets a date. At least they used to pretend to, but when I