Why Is Finding Love So Difficult in 2021?

Why is it so hard to find love?? You’d think that it would be easy to find love in 2021…We have dating apps, meet-ups, online forums, social media, and more. Before you read this article (in which I’m laying out some of the negatives), please check out our Facebook page where we’ll be focusing on

How Your Ego Is Hurting Your Romantic Life

Buddhists often speak about “attachment,” and according to the Buddhist “Four Noble Truths,” attachment is the cause of suffering. Remove attachment, and you will no longer suffer. This relates to “ego” because ego (i.e. a permanent and unchanging self, in Buddhist terms, atta) is the illusion that we are a certain way, life is a

Why Do You Ignore Your Partner’s Red Flags? The Science Behind It

When you’re in love with him, he’s a misunderstood creative type, who does his own thing…a dashing rebel whom nobody, including your friends and the county judge, understands but you. After you break up you realize he was a lazy, manipulative bum on parole who just wouldn’t work and probably used you for sex and

Anxiety and Overthinking Are Sabotaging Your Love Life in 2019

When I was a sophomore in high school I fell in love for the first time. Jonathan and I were mowing yards for some extra cash. As I was walking the mower back from mowing cousin Ed’s yard, an unfamiliar voice yelled to get my attention. He and his family had just moved to town

What Is Self-Partnering and Why You Should Consider It

Emma Watson has recently been in the news for claiming that she is very happy living the single life and considers herself to be “self-partnered.” This resulted in a lot of news coverage and internet commentary, not all of it positive. While some observers praised her for her position, many people, especially on social media,

Is Cuffing Season Real? The Answer Might Surprise You

For those who are unaware, we are entering that time known as cuffing season. Supposedly, people who normally enjoy the freedom of being single or “dating around” decide to settle into a more traditional relationship during the fall and winter months. They are “cuffed” or tied down to another person. You’ll see a lot about

To Get A Date, PLEASE Stop Being Boring

This isn’t going to be a long article, but it is a necessary one to write. In my experience as a dating coach, and also just interacting with people in general, I have to say that the biggest reason many men and women are dateless is that they are so boring and disengaging that it

How Your Ex Keeps You Single (And It’s Not What You Think)

A bride texts her ex-boyfriend (a jobless heroin addict) on her wedding day A divorced woman abruptly leaves a date to call her ex-husband to yell at him over a custody violation involving their daughter A man cancels a first date because his ex-girlfriend changed her relationship status on Facebook These are all true stories