Can Chemistry Grow and Develop? Should You Feel It Immediately?

I spend some time on dating and relationship forums, and it seems like almost daily people are asking questions about chemistry. The two most common questions are related, so I want to address them here. They are “can chemistry develop?” and “should you feel chemistry by a certain time?” like on a first date (or

15 Good Morning Texts For Him- Make Him Feel Happy and Loved

As a guy I can tell you that there’s nothing better than waking up, checking your phone, and receiving a fun, flirty, sexy, or loving “good morning” text. While there’s nothing wrong something simple, a creative good morning text for him can go a long way in making your man feel happy and loved. Whether

Dating Up: Stop Settling and Find the Person of your Dreams

There is a lot written about “dating down” on the internet, probably because it’s pretty easy to tell when you’re dating beneath you. However, there isn’t as much on “dating up.” In fact, the whole concept is surrounded by an aura of impossibility. When I talk to my coaching clients, many feel they can’t even