Coaching and Support

Coaching and Support

We know you’re busy with other areas of your life, and if you’re like most people, you’re tired and frustrated with the “dating scene…” Frustrated with online dating. Tired of feeling like it’s impossible to meet a quality man or woman. Sick of being the “single friend.” Or, maybe even getting that unsettling feeling that your current relationship is past its expiration date. We can help!

Our coaching packages will help you find happiness and success in all aspects of dating and relationships. We hold you accountable, keep you motivated, and teach you valuable skills. Our clients come away from coaching feeling more positive, feeling more attractive, with a transformed online dating profile, as well as having the skills to meet new people, communicate more clearly, and knowing how to sort through the duds to find the right people.

Our strategies are backed by solid science, engineered for quick results, and extremely practical. You will leave every coaching session feeling empowered and equipped with the skills needed to find love or improve your current relationship.

Packages are adjusted for your needs, but generally consist of in-person meetings (30-60 minutes), phone conversations, emails and texts, as well as proprietary educational materials and even outings (where we act as “wing-men”).


Below are some sample package. We are more than happy to help you build a coaching package that suits your needs even if it isn’t exactly listed below. Please contact us for a no obligation phone call to discuss your needs and service details.

Online Dating Package
We analyze your photos, bio, messaging, choice of dating apps, and more. We help you rework your online dating presence and strategy (if you even have one!) to put your best foot forward to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Dating Package
Online dating is part of the picture, but we suggest it be a part of a broader strategy to meet people in real life. Most significant connections come through friend networks and hobbies. This is a more comprehensive package that includes the features of the online dating package, as well as coaching and skills related to meeting and connecting with people “in real life.”

First Date Success
We know how hard a first date can be, especially with someone you think will be really cool. We can help you get ready for the process! We have some great techniques that will: keep conversation going, get the person laughing and smiling, build instant rapport, create attraction, and create enough intrigue to encourage a second date. And, we’ll keep you motivated and on track before and during the date.

Embracing your singleness
Many people hate the idea of being single, but if done with purpose, it can be a great time for self-discovery, transformation, detoxing from exes, and preparing to find the right person. In this package we assess your life, relationship, and social goals, and help you reach them, while finally learning to embrace living for you and being satisfied with you.

Catch Your Crush
You’ve admired him or her from afar, and now it’s time to take action. We will provide you the tools to figure out your crush’s relationship status, level of interest in you, as well as helping you develop the best strategy to win your crush over and finally “make your move.” The time to act is now!

Based on an ancient play about historical figure Cyrano De Bergerac, in this package, we help guide you through the process of what to say and how to interact with potential dates. Along the way, we coach you on how to communicate more assertively, effectively, humorously, as well as flirt.

Rekindle The Spark
Relationships are supposed to make you happy, right? Yet, many relationships lose that initial spark and gradually become unhappy and stale. This package is for couples who need to get some of that “spark” back. This includes proven techniques to bring back romance and attraction, as well as communication skill development.

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