Dating and Relationship Coaching and Support

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Are you frustrated with dating?

Are you exhuasted with entire dating process?

Are you sick of the lack of good choices in the dating pool?

Do you want to find a high quality partner but don’t know how to do it?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone and in the right place! Welcome to the Double Trust Dating’s nationally recognized dating and relationship coaching program. In our coaching program, you’ll learn how to find and attract high quality partners, date successfully, and find a genuine and healthy relationship with the love of your life. We are headquartered in the Columbus and Central Ohio area, but we serve clients throughout the world.

Examples of Coaching Sessions And What You’ll Learn

  • Positive and Affirming Dating Strategies
  • How to let go of the pain and negativity of your past
  • Effective conversation skills
  • How to become more irresistible to attract the person you really want
  • Effective flirting techniques
  • The tips to have an incredible first date and always get a second one
  • Ways to up your texting game and keep someone engaged over text
  • How to identify red flags quickly before you get too attached
  • How to win at online dating and avoid duds, fakes, married people, and narcissists
  • Regular check-ins and accountability to keep you motivated
  • Our unique and painless method to meet people “in the real world”
  • The secrets to actually enjoy dating and be in control of the entire process
  • And much, much more that is personalized for your needs

And Most Importantly

You will find the fun, passionate, lasting love you always dreamed about

Packages (Online and Local) Typically Include

  • Personalized one-on-one sessions
  • A personalized action plan, which includes goals and action steps based on your needs
  • Online dating analysis and review and custom profile revamp
  • Personal image consultation and analysis
  • Real-time text and email consultation for when you need quick advice
  • A “practice date” to help you gain insight into how you present on dates

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