EFT Tapping Services

Are you looking for EFT in the Columbus Ohio (or surrounding central Ohio area)?

We are both certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioners. EFT is a powerful somatic (body-based) technique that had such an amazing impact on our own lives, that we sought certification to practice it!

We utilize EFT along with other proven change methods, including hypnosis and meditation (rest assured, we are certified in these areas as well).

EFT is a proven, helpful (and generally quick) way to reduce stress, fear, and negative emotions that block you from reaching your fullest potential.

We utilize EFT as a way to help clients get over fear, hesitation, unhelpful events (like, for example, when they were shamed or called “ugly”), and unhelpful beliefs that are impacting their current ability to meet and form positive relationships.

woman sunrise freedom breaking chains

Our experience is that EFT often works best when paired with other proven techniques that not only allow you to effectively process and integrate past situations, but also move forward positively, creating the life and relationships that you want!

Due to COVID-19, we are overhauling our booking system. Please contact us with any questions, and if you would like to schedule a session.

Please check out a recent EFT video David made related to moving on from an ex below. We think you’ll find it very helpful!