Why Is My Boyfriend So Boring? The Answer Might Surprise You

A friend of mine recently came to me for advice about the guy she was marrying in a year. He had a good job, her parents liked him, and he treated her well. Everything seemed “perfect,” to an outsider at least. The problem? She felt nothing. No chemistry. No butterflies. Nothing. She vented to me

Why Do You Ignore Your Partner’s Red Flags? The Science Behind It

When you’re in love with him, he’s a misunderstood creative type, who does his own thing…a dashing rebel whom nobody, including your friends and the county judge, understands but you. After you break up you realize he was a lazy, manipulative bum on parole who just wouldn’t work and probably used you for sex and

Dating Karma: You Are Getting Out Of Dating What You Put In

You hear the word “karma” thrown around a lot with dating. It’s usually used in a negative sense – as a way to declare that an ex or someone who rejected you will “get what they deserve.” In this sense, karma is basically used to mean “you’ll get what you deserve because you wronged me!”

Dating In The Time Of Coronavirus (Positives, Negatives, and Adapting)

The coronavirus disease, also called Covid-19, is impacting virtually every area of our lives. And, it is also impacting dating and relationships in real ways. In many states (definitely in my state of Ohio), bars and restaurants are closed (except for carryout). Mass gatherings are banned. Concerts and festivals are prohibited as well. Dating during

How To Get Over Your Crush: 5 Tips to Move On

As a freshman in high school, I had a crush on a senior. We never dated, but my feelings were strong and intense. Even now, years later, I occasionally browse her social media and some of the feelings return. When you have a crush on someone, the brain releases an abundance of feel good chemicals

Checklist For Dating A Guy: 4 Important Essentials for Love

Online dating has changed the way people meet and fall in love. In the past, you would meet and marry people from the local community, the workplace, or friend connections. The checklist for dating a guy wasn’t very long because people didn’t have a ton of options. Sure, exceptions existed. But, generally, dating random, total

How Your Ego Is Hurting Your Romantic Life

Buddhists often speak about “attachment,” and according to the Buddhist “Four Noble Truths,” attachment is the cause of suffering. Remove attachment, and you will no longer suffer. This relates to “ego” because ego (i.e. a permanent and unchanging self, in Buddhist terms, atta) is the illusion that we are a certain way, life is a

Are You Too Old To Date? The Answer Will Surprise You

After my grandpa died, my grandma never dated again. She liked several local men and didn’t want to be lonely. But, she had a limiting mindset that you could be “too old” for certain activities, including dating. You might see modern dating as hopelessly overwhelming. So much has changed, even in the last ten years.

When Should You Define The Relationship? Get The Answers!

One of my coaching clients started to quickly fall for a guy she met on Bumble. They went on three dates and really connected. She knew she wanted to get into an actual relationship with him. But, he continued talking to other women and even went on a couple of dates with them. She knew

Why Do Guys Never Want A Relationship With You? The Truth Revealed

I have a good friend who wants to find a great guy, settle down with him, and get married. But, while she meets guys who will gladly date her for a while and have sex, none want an actual relationship. This is one of the top dating problems my female clients face. They want a