Survival Mode In Relationships: Don’t Survive, Thrive

Her jaw was clenched and she started to fidget in her chair. She was furiously typing on her phone, ignoring my attempts at conversation. She told me that we had to cancel our plans later in the evening because she “was a mess.” I knew her drill: she’d go back, get drunk, and stalk his

Setting Healthy Boundaries with an Ex: 3 Ways To Find Freedom

A guy I used to work with recently broke up with his girlfriend. He spends most of his days practically in tears. He can’t stop thinking about her and can’t hide the sadness. He constantly stalks her social media and sends her numerous text messages (to which she never replies). Setting healthy boundaries with an

The Science Behind Why It’s So Hard To Get Over Your Ex

A buddy of mine met a nice woman on Tinder. Her ex had ended the relationship and she was getting back into the dating scene. She couldn’t stand her ex fiance. He was narcissistic, going on numerous dates with employees he was supposed to be managing, and even though she was in many ways the