Why Do Guys Never Want A Relationship With You? The Truth Revealed

I have a good friend who wants to find a great guy, settle down with him, and get married. But, while she meets guys who will gladly date her for a while and have sex, none want an actual relationship. This is one of the top dating problems my female clients face. They want a

Can A Girl Ask A Guy Out? The Answer Will Surprise You

Each day at lunch, my friend stared at the handsome consultant who worked in the same building. He smiled at her a few times, so I suggested that she ask him out for coffee. She looked at me like I was crazy! No, she would wait for him to make the first move. After two

Why Do Guys Get Jealous? His Behavior Explained

A few weeks ago, a friend had a Facebook meltdown. He unfriended his wife, changed his profile photo to black, and announced he was “done.” His wife had gone out with a male friend and didn’t give him the attention he felt he deserved. He was jealous. Jealousy has caused many problems in relationships throughout

Why Do Guys Go Cold After A Breakup? 5 Reasons

Whenever friends break up, I always get a call. They are going through a lot of emotions, including love, hate, fear, and sadness. They want to talk to me, not as a dating coach, but as a friend. If they were dumped, they usually want their ex back. If they did the breaking up, they

What Is Self-Partnering and Why You Should Consider It

Emma Watson has recently been in the news for claiming that she is very happy living the single life and considers herself to be “self-partnered.” This resulted in a lot of news coverage and internet commentary, not all of it positive. While some observers praised her for her position, many people, especially on social media,

Signs He’s A Good Guy: 6 Traits to Identify Quality Men

Six months ago, a good friend started dating a guy who seemed incredible. Handsome and charming, he had a good job, a nice car, and made her laugh. She quickly wondered if she had found “the one” and started to fall for him after a few dates. But, a couple of months later, his true

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys? 6 Possible Reasons

At university, I met a girl who had perfect grades, was physically beautiful, and active in charities and clubs. She came from a great family and clearly had a bright future. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, flunked out of school, lived with his mother, and had no job (unless you consider drug dealing a

Best Way To Meet Men: 5 Great Tips

A former coaching client of mine was attractive, fun, and flirty. She landed a great job in a large metro area and wanted to meet new people. She tried bars and clubs and online dating, but only met a lot of creeps. Although definitely a “catch” by many standards, she struggled to meet attractive, genuine