Best Way To Meet Men: 5 Great Tips

woman smiling and drinking coffeeA former coaching client of mine was attractive, fun, and flirty. She landed a great job in a large metro area and wanted to meet new people.

She tried bars and clubs and online dating, but only met a lot of creeps. Although definitely a “catch” by many standards, she struggled to meet attractive, genuine men.

Frustrated, she asked me for help, wanting to know the best way to meet men. She believed that finding a relationship would be impossible. She couldn’t even meet anyone she wanted to date, let alone settle down with and marry.

Many of my women coaching clients share her frustration. They have so much going for them and would make good partners. But, they just have no idea how to find good guys.

Before I talk about the best ways to meet men, I want to first talk about one of the worst ways: online dating. Online dating seems easy, but it can be a terrible experience for women. I constantly hear how they deal with creeps, losers, and jerks, all while being ignored by the guys they like.

So, this article is not just going to focus on the best way to meet guys generally, but also help you meet quality men that you’ll want to fall in love with!

Do What You Love

If you want to meet guys who share your interests, the best thing to do is actually do what you enjoy on a regular basis. I know this sounds like obvious advice, but it isn’t. Why? Because many people stopped doing what they loved years ago.

Most men and women spend their days doing what they hate. They work at a lousy job, drive an hour back home in crappy traffic, then watch TV until bed. On the weekends, they do housework and chores. Then, the cycle repeats.

If you want to meet men, you have to first look inside yourself and find out what you love to do. Then, go do it. This could be hobbies, group activities, or other interests. A few examples would be take a cooking class, join an athletic team, or go to club meetings.

When you do what you enjoy, you’re going to make sure that you’re having a good time and acting in line with your beliefs. Then, when you meet men, the odds will be better that they will share your values and you’ll be relaxed and happy to meet them.

Become A Regular

Going to new places and trying new things can be fun and exciting. But, if your goal is to meet guys, constantly changing things up can make your task more difficult.

If you want to meet men for a good relationship, you don’t just want to go with the first guy who talks to you. Instead, you want to meet many guys, get to know them, and develop trust. Then, you can pick the one who is the best for you. This is why I recommend that you find a place that you enjoy and become a regular there.

If you can find a venue that fits your personality (like a coffee shop or corner bar) and show up often, you can get to know other regular customers and even staff. Then, as you meet them, build trust, and develop friendships, you’ll find that romantic opportunities arise too.

Focus on Yourself

smiling black womanIt might be shocking to hear, but perhaps the best way to meet men is to not focus on meeting men. Let me explain.

If you focus on yourself, live your best life, and enjoy being single, you will inevitably have an enjoyable time and radiate positive energy. In addition, you can have a detached mindset and avoid appearing desperate and needy.

By being detached and living a great life, you’ll be more likely to meet a great guy. Why? Happiness is attractive! So, if you’re struggling to meet men, step away from dating for awhile and embrace the single life. We have an entire video course to help you with this.

Get Out There!

I know a woman who rarely leaves her house except to go to the store. She wonders why she’s single and complains about it on social media. Yet, she hates when random guys hit her up online and certainly wouldn’t answer her door if one showed up there.

Yet, how does she expect to meet men if she never gets around them? These days, you can do almost everything from the comfort of your home: watch movies, pay your bills, get food and groceries delivered, and more. Outside of work, many people go days without leaving the house and socializing.

Loneliness is an epidemic in the United States and it can be hard to break the cycle. But, if you want to meet new people, especially for a relationship, you have to put yourself out there.

Today, I read a story about a couple, now madly in love, who met at a holiday party in their apartment complex. Neither wanted to go, but they overcame their doubts and showed up anyway. Now, they’re getting married.  Sometimes you don’t have to do anything except leave the house and show up!

Talk To Strangers

The phrase “don’t talk to strangers” is drilled into the heads of children for good reason. Yet, that advice can keep adults single and unhappy. If you want to know the best way to meet men, you have let go of what you learned in kindergarten.

I hear from countless women how they can’t meet men. Yet, men, good ones, are all around them. They just wait for those men to make the move and start conversations. When the guys keep quiet, nothing happens.

You’re likely around hundreds of men everyday. You see them at work, in the elevator, on the train, walking the streets, at your favorite restaurant, and in your neighborhood. If you see one who looks attractive and compatible, then talk to him!

kissing couple taking selfieWe live in an age of female empowerment. If you think he looks safe and normal, then nothing should stop you from making the first move. At least say “hi” and go from there. If you have a good conversation, then give him your number or ask to add him on social media. Then, see what happens.

These tips will help you meet men and hopefully find a happy relationship. You don’t have to sit back and hope for the best. Take charge of your dating life, get out there, and find the man you deserve!

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Jonathan Bennett

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