15 Good Morning Texts For Him- Make Him Feel Happy and Loved

woman holding a smartphoneAs a guy I can tell you that there’s nothing better than waking up, checking your phone, and receiving a fun, flirty, sexy, or loving “good morning” text.

While there’s nothing wrong something simple, a creative good morning text for him can go a long way in making your man feel happy and loved.

Whether you’re trying to turn on your husband, make your boyfriend happy, or transform a crush into a long term relationship, what you text him in the morning can make a huge difference.

Getting a text from someone you love provides a dopamine hit to the brain so this will definitely put a smile on his face as soon as he wakes up.

Here are 10 perfect good morning texts for him. Keep in mind that these are general and you can and should adapt them to your specific situation.

Affirming Texts

“I hope your day is as amazing as you are!”
“I know you’ll kick ass today.”
“Go out and conquer the world! I believe in you!”

These good morning texts for your boyfriend are great anytime, but especially helpful if he needs some affirmation or encouragement on a particular morning. It’s letting him know that you have his back and fully believe in him!

Loving Texts

“I love you so much!”
“I’m so lucky to be your girlfriend (wife, etc.)”
“I love everything about you!”

If your relationship has progressed to the point of expressing love, these can be very effective. While they can be sent at any time of the day, when you express your love and affection first thing in the morning, it makes it extra special.

Grateful Texts

woman on couch with phone and computer“I’m so grateful for you.”
“I want you to know that I appreciate everything you do for me!”
“I’m so happy that you’re making time for me this evening!”

Everyone loves to feel appreciated and needed. And, studies show that grateful couples are more satisfied in the relationship.

Each of these can be an effective good morning text for him because he can start his day knowing that you appreciate him!

Sexy Texts

“Get out of my dreams and into my bed.”
“I hope your day starts with a bang! Come over later and I’ll make sure it ends with one.”
“It’s really cold! Can you come over and heat things up?”

These are great if your goal is to turn him on or if you’re wanting action when you see him later that day. Most guys are happy to go from zero to revved up, even first thing in the morning. So, if you want to remind him of your sexy self or do a little teasing, these texts will be perfect.

Planning Texts

“I hope we can see each other tonight.”
“Keep an eye out for me around lunchtime. I have a surprise for you.”
“You. Me. Pasta. Tonight?”

man with beard laughing with phoneThese planning texts (for lack of a better phrase) are designed to plan an event or express your anticipation of something you’ve already planned (like a date).

They can also be used as surprises, like inviting him to do something unexpected. They are effective because he can start his day looking forward to something awesome (seeing you).

Once again, these good morning texts for your boyfriend are just the start. Come up with your own and adapt these. The important thing is that you do your best to show him that he’s loved and appreciated and you can put a smile on his face first thing in the morning! And, of course, he should do the same for you!

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