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Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett is a writer, speaker, and dating/relationship expert. He's helped millions through his articles, speaking, consulting, and coaching. He's appeared in over 500 major publications, including Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, and Psychology Today.

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Why Am I Attracted To Older Men? 5 Reasons You Love Mature Guys

A good friend of mine recently married the love of her life. While this doesn’t seem like news, he is 55 and she is 25. You don’t see that every day! Age gaps were very common in the past and occasionally make the news today, usually involving celebrities or people in positions of power who

Why Do Guys Change After You Sleep With Them? 5 Reasons Why

Many of my coaching clients struggle to process their feelings after they sleep with someone for the first time. Not only are they processing feelings, but they guy is also processing feelings. This can create a lot of emotional volatility and turn a great thing (sex) into something confusing. Women often ask, why do guys

Why Do Guys Flirt When They Are Not Interested? 5 Surprising Answers

One of the biggest complaints I hear from women as a dating coach is that a guy seems interested in them, they read the signs, feel a connection, then nothing happens. Usually, they have a great date, but he never calls them back. In some cases, they meet a man online and have fun, flirty

Why Is My Boyfriend So Boring? The Answer Might Surprise You

A friend of mine recently came to me for advice about the guy she was marrying in a year. He had a good job, her parents liked him, and he treated her well. Everything seemed “perfect,” to an outsider at least. The problem? She felt nothing. No chemistry. No butterflies. Nothing. She vented to me

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Through Text: 6 Clear Signs

“Does he like me or doesn’t he?” My friend, knowing that I coach clients like her, shoved her phone in my face to show me some texts a guy sent her. “I really like him…do you think he likes me?” she asked, as if we were back in middle school. I could tell instantly from

Spending Valentine’s Day Alone? How To Survive and Even Thrive!

If you believe the message of popular culture, you’d think that Valentine’s Day is a universally beloved holiday, a day when everyone indulges in the celebration of romantic love…everyone except you, of course, if you’re single. As a result, spending Valentine’s alone can seem like its own version of hell. But, if you’re alone on

Powerful And Practical First Date Conversation Topics

As a dating coach, I’ve noticed one topic that creates extreme anxiety in my clients: the first date. If you’re reading this article, I’m sure you feel it too! These days, first dates are largely “blind” in the sense that they often involve two total strangers who met online. Sure, you might have messaged a

How To Get Over Your Crush: 5 Tips to Move On

As a freshman in high school, I had a crush on a senior. We never dated, but my feelings were strong and intense. Even now, years later, I occasionally browse her social media and some of the feelings return. When you have a crush on someone, the brain releases an abundance of feel good chemicals

Why Do Guys Not Like Me? 5 Possible Reasons

Dating struggles can take a toll on anyone’s mental health, especially when you feel like no one wants you. It can lead to strong feelings of depression and loneliness. I see this a lot and women ask me: why do guys not like me? These women are looking for the love of their life, but

Checklist For Dating A Guy: 4 Important Essentials for Love

Online dating has changed the way people meet and fall in love. In the past, you would meet and marry people from the local community, the workplace, or friend connections. The checklist for dating a guy wasn’t very long because people didn’t have a ton of options. Sure, exceptions existed. But, generally, dating random, total