David Bennett

David Bennett

David Bennett is a relationship expert, and has been a dating and relationship coach for over 8 years. He is listed in the top ten personal coaches for 2019, and is the author of seven self-help books. He has been featured in over 400 publications and other media appearances, including The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, Men's Health, Bustle, Prevention, and Woman's Day.

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Anxiety and Overthinking Are Sabotaging Your Love Life in 2019

When I was a sophomore in high school I fell in love for the first time. Jonathan and I were mowing yards for some extra cash. As I was walking the mower back from mowing cousin Ed’s yard, an unfamiliar voice yelled to get my attention. He and his family had just moved to town

5 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Be Single

I decided to update this article, since it is officially National Singles Week (the third week in September). For most people, being single is synonymous with being a failure. The expectation is that if you’re single, you must absolutely hate it. And, people (particularly women) will pity you, or perhaps even judge you, because they

To Get A Date, PLEASE Stop Being Boring

This isn’t going to be a long article, but it is a necessary one to write. In my experience as a dating coach, and also just interacting with people in general, I have to say that the biggest reason many men and women are dateless is that they are so boring and disengaging that it

Can Chemistry Grow and Develop? Should You Feel It Immediately?

I spend some time on dating and relationship forums, and it seems like almost daily people are asking questions about chemistry. The two most common questions are related, so I want to address them here. They are “can chemistry develop?” and “should you feel chemistry by a certain time?” like on a first date (or

Where To Meet Potential Dates In The Real World

Many of our coaching clients are quite rightly fed up with online dating, and want to meet people in “the real world.” We oblige. They think that we will provide them with magical places or locations that are just teeming with single, eligible, and attractive people who are also outgoing enough to initiate a conversation,

Mindset Is The Key To Meeting People In Real Life

Most single people I know are fatigued from online dating. The online dating situation is increasingly bad because of crappy algorithms and the general unnatural nature of online dating. Yet, when I suggest getting off apps and meeting people in real life is the way to go, they start explaining the “obvious” reasons why they

Can’t Find Love Online? It’s Not You; It’s The Algorithms

When I was in 8th grade, my school thought it would be a great idea for us students to fill out a questionnaire and run all of them through computer matchmaking software, and then give us a sheet of compatible people. This was in the era of floppy disks, but nonetheless, I had a strange

How To Improve Your Online Dating Profile Photos For Men and Women

I believe there is a lot more to attraction than physical looks, especially when women are evaluating men for attractiveness (men do place a large emphasis on physical looks in person and online, but that’s not the full story). So, I want to make this article fairly practical and explain how women and men both